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Swartlandfotografieklub We donít just take pictures, we create art! Swartland Photographic Club

Welcome to our home!

If you are interested in improving your photographic skills, and you want to interact with like-minded people who share a passion for photography; and you live in the Swartland area, then let us become your creative home! We are one of twelve clubs in the Western Cape area affiliated to the Photographic Society of South Africa (PSSA). We meet on a monthly basis in Malmesbury where members may submit their photographs which are judged, usually by external PSSA certified judges. These evenings provide a wealth of information, pointers and tips that helps one to improve one’s skills level. Through being awarded and accumulating points for each entry, one is able to progress through the ranks from a 1-Star to a 5-Star photographer, and then on to becoming a Master Photographer. We look forward to seeing you at the Club!
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